Cove Cut Calculator

Table Saw characteristics (all measurements in inches)

Table Width:
Table Depth:
Blade Diameter:

Blade X (Left-of-table to Right-of-blade):
Blade Y (Front-of-table to Center-of-blade):

Cove cut characteristics:

Cove Width:
Cove Depth:
Shoulder (distance between Cove and Fence):

Fence Angle:
inches per foot.
inch deviation from "rip" cut
inch deviation from a 90-degree "miter" cut

Fence intersections with Table Edges:
"Near X" -- right of lower-left corner of table
"Far X" -- right of upper-left corner of table
"Left Y" -- up from lower-left corner of table
"Right Y" -- up from lower-right corner of table

Clamp fence firmly to the tablesaw. Starting with the blade just barely protruding above the tabletop, feed stock firmly and carefully, using a hold-down jig and push-stick when appropriate. Keep stock firmly in contact with the table and the fence at all times. Raise the blade a little with each pass until the desired depth of cut is achieved.

Extra precautions must be taken to safeguard eyes, face, life & limb, as this cut is made without any safety guards in place!